Bamboo scented charcoal toothpaste.

…who even thinks this up?

Though my mom misinterpreted it and called it barbecue toothpaste at first. 

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i’ll say


i’ll say

I am reading volume 5 of American Vampire and they made different languages different fonts. French as cursive was kind of jarring because you nearly never see cursive in comics but sort of okay I guess.

But then we get to Russian which just looks fucking ham fisted with the stereotypical backwards R/faux Cyrillic font.

I dunno what the best solution for different languages in a comic is, but this isn’t working for me.

Considering I stopped reading to tell Tumblr…..

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Calling him Gillypants has made my mind wander to ghillie suits.


I was thinking about how straight boys call things gay and now I’m like… WHY YES I HAVE GAY TEA. *pulls out Thommy and Crime Husbands tea*

But I don’t invite homophobes into the house and this joke is probably wasted on them.

afewreelthoughts asked: "I would compliment you on your art, and ask if we could talk about unicorns."

Hell yes we can talk about unicorns.

Basically if I don’t have an adequate amount of social intimacy with you, hugging me usually results in me tensing up and not even half-assedly attempting to wrap my arms around you.

Worst case scenario, I scream like I’m getting kidnapped or try to break your kneecaps 


bedwyrssong asked: "I would give you a big hug. (As long as you were OK with it. I'd ask first.)"

Well, I’d be fine if you asked first.

I don’t like surprise hugs. And nonconsensual hugs. But I can do a “I understand other people like hugs and I like you enough to play along” hug. 

…that was very wordy. 

Suddenly not sure why Italian people show up a lot in my work. 

Though I’m not sure Niccolo looks even vaguely Italian. I draw him like an Asian pop star in a J.C.Leyendecker ad. 

…or something… 

Though I dunno which Asian pop star I think Niccolo looks like.

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